10 Best Restaurants in Nebraska

Here is a list of ten best restaurants in Nebraska that one can choose from in order to have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner.

El Portal

A very nice restaurant in Nebraska City, this restaurant has a large menu for with a variety of foods, with each having its special meal like the taco Tuesday, the margarita Wednesday and many more; they have a great flavor and tasty food that one would not hesitate to stop over for a taste. The restaurant has great décor and their prices are very reasonable and fair for the type of food they have. They have the best homemade jambalaya recipe.

Scooter’s Coffee

This restaurant offers a great breakfast package with great staff that is always at your service. It is a very quiet place with very nice tables and comfortable seats. It is a very conducive place to have your coffee as it also offers very nice pastries and hot breakfast sandwiches.

Ladybug BBQ

A nice restaurant with very friendly staff and reasonable price, they offer very delicious baked beans, their sitting area has a good air condition, if you a visitor in Nebraska City, do not hesitate to drop here for delicious meals like grilled cheese.

Valentino’s Grand Italian Buffet

This is a family-friendly restaurant with very helpful staff; they have freshly prepared pizza that is very delicious. They have a variety of special dishes like the boneless wings, ribs, and hot vegetables.


They offer very fast service, they don’t keep their customers waiting, their pricing is pocket-friendly, they serve runza and burgers, Runza is also cabbage and ground meat that is wrapped in bread.

Library Lounge

They have a nice exterior view, nice food, and good service. They have very reasonable bar attendants who are also very nice.

Tacos El Pueblito

For Mexican citizens who are visitors in Nebraska, this is the place to be, it offers authentic Mexican dishes with pocket-friendly prices and friendly environment created by the staff.

Prairie City Chophouse

A nice place to be a steak and chop treat, it also has a bar for those who would like to have drinks, and it is also a family restaurant and is always open for lunch and dinner.

Hong Kong Buffet

Provides typical Chinese buffet which is very delicious at a reasonable price. Their buffet has a lot of items including the Chinese authentic meals.

Imperial garden

This is an awesome place to eat because everything is made on order, nothing is pre-made. If you are fun of little off the road good food then this is the place to be.